Freshman Year: First semester.First day.

          Becoming a Freshman in high school is one of the little challenging experience in my opinion. As someone who has always attended a private school back in Ghana, from nursery to junior high school, it was very difficult for me to adapt with the new environment. My high school; Chamberlain High school was a public one. It had about 1,500 students and a lot of teaching and adminstration staff. 

          On my first day, I was very nervous because I did not know anyone, my classes were very weird. The halls were numbered and separated. I had to walk to my classes which I thought was odd. At my junior high school we stayed in the class and the teachers had to walk to the class to teach the students. I was late to all my classes because I was nkt familiar with the locations. My first class was homeroom. I walked in late and the teacher did not bother to question about my tardiness because she knew it was the first day. Few classes went by and lunch finally came. The tables were filled with students that had familiar friends. I sat at a table and she by myself. It was a weird feeling. I felt lonely and I isolated. I missed my friends back home so much that day I couldn’t wait to go home. 

          The bell finally rang for dismissal. I was ecstatic. In my mind, I did not want to return to school the next day. My first day was not exciting. 


Author: highschoolexperiences

Hello there. welcome to my blog. My name is Esther Bemah. I'm from Ghana- West Africa. This blog page is going to be about my experiences in high school moving to the U.S

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