Freshman year. The Accent. 

          As the semester proceeded, somehow, I became the most talked about girl in my high school. I hated it so much. I never talked in class because I had a thick accent and I was always nervous to utter a word. You know sometimes high school kids can be brutal to each other. They made fun of my accents and called me Africa even though they new my name. I desired to speak with a fluent American accent. I watched a lot of YouTube videos so I could sound like an American. I became very conscious of how I spoke whenever a teacher would randomly ask me to answer a question for a participation grade. I never felt at ease and always fidgited when I had to speak. 

          Still at this point the school year was only two months in the first  semester. The kids were not friendly. I could not wait to hear the bell dismiss us.  It was the only thing that made me smile and happy at school.