Sophomore year.

Finally the Freshman year passed I was so excited to start the new school year off. Attempt to socialize and not worry about what people said about me. My school has become very small for me. I knew all the halls and was not late to my classes. I had the same teacher for homeroom. She smiled at me and said welcome to homeroom. That gesture made my affirm it was going to be a great year. I was hopeful and positive. 

        Lunch period came and I sat down at a table with a guy from my homeroom. I was determined to make make friends. I was never a person who would anticipate to start a conversation. I took off my shyness and broke the silence between us as we had lunch. Lunch was over and had to get to my biology class. I saw my new friend Samuel at biology class and we said “hi” again to each other. In bio class we had a little group work and so we partnered together.  As the year went by we became good friends. I built other friendships with students, teachers, and lunch ladies. So far I was loving sophomore year. I made good grade that semester. I felt like accomplished my goals.